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A professional hex editor for files and disks. Supports huge files, OLE compound files
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16 September 2008

Publisher's description

FlexHEX edits raw binary files, OLE compound files, logical disks, physical drives, and can inspect, modify, insert, search, or replace binary, ASCII, or UNICODE data. The editor fully supports advanced NTFS features, such as alternate streams or sparse files.
While providing a full set of features for editing raw hex bytes, FlexHEX also supports editing binary data as typed values in a number of formats. The data conversion functions let a user easily import or export binary data, or just drag-and-drop them to/from another application.
In addition to the powerful editing functions, FlexHEX includes the unlimited Undo/Redo list, so there is no risk of losing work because of a typing error.
FlexHEX offers a rich set of navigation and tracking functions for browsing data. The bookmarks, the area lists, the jump history, and other convenient tools make inspecting binary files easy and straightforward.
Software professionals will like handy tools for string and GUID search, checksum computation, random number generation, and browsing COM classes. The advanced stream comparison function efficiently locates matching blocks in any binary data source, be it files, drives, or alternate streams.
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User comments

This editor needs to go back to basics. The editor has some advanced features which is fine in the rare event that you do need those however it is missing some very basic features that make the program virtually useless. For example there is no way to insert into or any way to pad the uppermost parts of a file.
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